5 Tuff_Fish Arms That Will Make You Cry Giggling

Did you play poker again all the way through the “increase years” of 2003-2006?

Should you did, I’d guess my backside buck you glance again on that time frame fondly. Should you didn’t, let me paint an image for you.

It’s 2003. The Global Poker Excursion got here out on tv the 12 months sooner than, triggering higher hobby in poker (particularly No Restrict Grasp’em). Then, an accountant named Chris Moneymaker wins the Global Sequence of Poker Major Tournament for $2,500,000.

All the surprising, everybody and their mom desires to play poker. The dimensions of the web poker participant pool greater than doubles annually till 2006, with lots of latest/green avid gamers making an attempt their good fortune at the digital felt.

Lately I need to center of attention on one notorious participant from the increase years, identified to me simplest by way of his display identify.

Meet tuff_fish

I got here throughout tuff_fish on YouTube once I first began enjoying poker in 2008.

The very first thing I realized was once his deep, raspy voice — most certainly in his 40s or 50s. I additionally spotted some bizarre numbers subsequent to every participant on his desk, which I later realized had been participant statistics (often referred to as a HUD). That was once state of the art device on the time!

party poker hud

What is that this virtual sorcery?

As I watched video after video, I used to be blown away at tuff_fish’s mid-hand pessimism. Except he was once protecting precisely the nuts, he at all times perceived to suppose his combatants had him beat, even though that didn’t at all times prevent him from clicking name.

However what in point of fact caught out was once tuff_fish’s tilt-driven observation as he dusted stack after stack. The fellow cursed like a under the influence of alcohol sailor, or like Daniel Negreanu playing a $600 tournament.

With out additional ado, listed below are 5 of my favourite tuff_fish palms.

*Caution: No longer protected for paintings/youngsters. There’s a good bit of cursing in those movies!*

Hand #1: “I didn’t see that! What an fool!”

Watch the hand right here, I’ll recap it underneath the video:

The sport is $5/$10 No Restrict Grasp’em on Birthday celebration Poker (6-handed).

Tuff_fish selections up 6♣ 5♣ UTG and raises to $35. Simplest the massive blind calls.

The flop comes A♣ 9♣ 5♠, prompting an “oh boy” from our boy tuffy. The large blind assessments, tuff_fish bets $65 into $74, and the massive blind calls.

The flip is the 9 and tuff_fish right away* assessments again when checked to. “K, I’m gonna take my loose card!”

*This will had been the quickest test again within the historical past of poker.

The river is the 6♠. “He’s were given a pile of freaking bother now” says tuff_fish. He varieties out a $125 guess into the $202 pot, explaining his reasoning:

“I’m gonna pass forward and make a price guess right here. I’ve were given 5 and six, he’ll most certainly name with an ace.”

His opponent does certainly name with an ace (A♠ T♣), however tuff_fish will get perplexed when the pot doesn’t pass his approach. After a few seconds…

“Oh, daggum…I didn’t see the board was once paired! God, what a freakin’ moron.”

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Hand #2: “The probabilities of him having [the nuts] is 50/50 a minimum of.”

Tuff_fish’s observation during this hand is a great instance of his mid-hand pessimism.

The sport is $2/$4 No Restrict Grasp’em on Birthday celebration Poker (6-handed).

The UTG participant limps and tuff_fish raises to $20 from the cutoff with Q♠ J. The button and UTG name. “

The flop comes A Q 6. “We no doubt wish to see a king of diamonds pop out right here” says tuff_fish as he assessments and calls a tiny guess ($11 into $63) made by way of the button.

“Sadly I feel I do know the place the king of diamonds is at this time…There’s little or no explanation why to proceed with this…”

Tuff_fish does sooner or later name the tiny guess and the flip 8 provides him the second one nuts. He assessments and the button bets $30 into $85. Tuff_fish calls whilst ranting:

“What else may he have? Would he be doing this with the ten of diamonds? I’ll stick with this simply in case he’s fooling around.”

The river 7♣ completes the board. Tuff_fish nonetheless holds the second one nuts, pointing out:

“If he bets anyplace close to pot, I’ve gotta give this up. He’s now not gonna do this if he doesn’t have the king of diamonds.”

The button settles on a raffle a lot smaller than pot, $70 into $145. Then tuff_fish seems to have a metamorphosis of middle about his earlier remark.

“He’s in point of fact pulling me alongside. That could be a ‘name me’ guess. I beat each and every hand apart from the king of diamonds, however the probabilities of him having the king of diamonds are higher than 50/50 a minimum of.”

(Notice that if his opponent did have the king of diamonds 50% and even 66% of the time, this is able to nonetheless be a winning name. That’s pot odds, people.)

Tuff_fish unearths the tuff_fold and his opponent displays 9♠ 9♣.

“K, he were given me.”

Hand #3: “Why. The. ****. ****ing. Sucking. Hell. Does. This. Occur. Each and every. ****ing. Time.”

The grownup language will get taken to the following degree on this one. You’ve been warned.

This one is simply brutal, and the stakes are upper. The sport is $10/$20 No Restrict Grasp’em on Birthday celebration Poker (6-handed).

Tuff_fish defends his large blind as opposed to a cutoff increase with 3♠ 3.

The flop is 8♣ 7♠ 3♣ and tuff_fish opts to slow-play, checking and calling a $120 guess. The flip is the Q♠ and the motion assessments via.

The river is the A♠ and, in spite of the harmless flip motion, tuff_fish is already steaming on the mere risk of a flush. The entire quote is just too lengthy and too superb to kind. Pass pay attention to it (in headphones and nowhere close to youngsters or your grandma).

Tuff_fish assessments and his opponent bets $300 into $398. Tuff_fish briefly calls and sees the unhealthy information: T♠ 8♠.

“God mom****ing god rattling ****sucker.”

Hand #4 and 5: “Oh, you scum.”

On this clip, tuff_fish takes on poker group legend EmpireMaker2 in two superb palms.

The sport is $10/$20 No Restrict Grasp’em on Birthday celebration Poker (6-handed). Stacks are round $2,700 efficient.

Tuff_fish begins the recording at the flop with Ok♠ T on a T 7♣ 4♣ flop. His opponent is EmpireMaker2 at the button.

There’s a $151 guess in entrance of tuffy with $151 within the pot. (I’d wager tuff_fish referred to as a preflop increase after which led out for a pot-sized guess at the flop.)

EmpireMaker2 raises to $399. “I feel he suppose I’m simply being silly…so I’m going to present him a couple of $950 re-raise right here.”

EmpireMaker2 responds to the $950 re-raise with an all-in. Tuff_fish calls, announcing “if he’s Ace-Ten he’s were given it, what can I say?” The board runs out with the opening playing cards nonetheless face down…

Flip 3…River 2♣ (finishing the flush draw)…

Tuff_fish after the river, sooner than the playing cards are printed: “oh if he were given the membership, I’m gonna be so pissed.”

Tuff_fish when EmpireMaker2 unearths Q♣ J♣: “oh, you scum.”

Our guy reloads and is sitting on $1,800 when he selections up 9♠ 9 within the cutoff. EmpireMaker2 makes it $72 UTG, tuff_fish 3-bets to $190, and EmpireMaker2 makes the decision.

The flop Q 4 2♣ assessments via. However tuff_fish perks up on the 9 flip. “Oh, Empire, you have got simply screwed your self up in the event you get in right here.”

EmpireMaker2 fires a $345 guess into the $407 pot. Tuff_fish raises to $775 after which calls a shove for $1,600 overall.

Q♠ Q. Ouch.

“He was once most certainly a greater than reasonable participant on the time.”

Imagine it or now not, tuff_fish was once if truth be told slightly excellent by way of mid-2000s requirements.

He recorded those movies to publish on CardRunners (the Upswing Poker of its day) so he may get comments and reinforce his recreation. CardRunners founder Taylor Caby went as far as to mention that “he was once most certainly a greater than reasonable participant at the moment.”

Those movies in point of fact encapsulate what on-line poker was once like all the way through the increase years, which is why I used to be desperate to proportion them with you…

…plus, they’re so ****sucking entertaining.

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Author: Bradley Watson