Did Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau Punt $10K On The Lodge Live Stream?

In this PokerNews technique column, I examine Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau’s notorious $10,000 punt from The Lodge live stream! I break down the substantial all-in river bluff in addition to the poker technique that both gamers must follow on each street.

It is very important to acknowledge which cards are great to have in your hand when selecting to bluff or not. You should be asking: Do I obstruct a few of my challenger’s worth variety?

This hand happened in a $ 20/$ 40 money video game at The Lodge in Austin, Texas, which was bought by Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen earlier this year and just recently hosted The Lodge Champion Series, which PokerNews wason-site to report

The hand started a middle position gamer open-limping and Yau opening to $150 from the hijack with{a-Clubs}{9-Clubs} The action folded to the button, who three-bet to $500 with{k-Spades}{k-Hearts} Just Yau called.

Something you will frequently come across in live money video games is limpers. When somebody limps and you have a hand that is respectable and you do not mind playing heads-up, you normally wish to raise. I would generally never ever limp behind in this area unless I was extremely sure that I would get re-raised if I did raise.

Dealing with the three-bet for $350 more, playing approximately 200 reliable huge blinds deep, you require to employ Yau’s circumstance. This is a hand that can tumble extremely strong nut hands, so you can’t actually fold in this area.

The flop came {10-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{2-Spades} to entirely whiff Yau. Yau examined and his challenger continued with a bet of $350. Yau decided to check-call with his ace-high.

Ethan Yau
Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau plays a pot at The Lodge

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The challenger is going to wish to utilize this little bet size with his whole variety, since he stands to have a huge variety benefit in this circumstance. So in this area, he can wager with practically whatever. If he wager larger in this circumstance, Yau would have a simple fold.

With such a little bet, calling does have some benefit. However considered that Yau does not even have a backdoor flush draw, this hand is simply a fold.

The turn brought the {k-Clubs} to enhance the challenger to leading set and have Yau drawing dead. The challenger fired a turn bet of $1,300 and Yau as soon as again check-called.

” Even without understanding the challenger’s hand, this is a bad card for Yau since he now loses to hands he was formerly beating.”

Even without understanding the challenger’s hand, this is a bad card for Yau since he now loses to hands he was formerly beating, like king-queen and king-jack, and is drawing dead if the challenger has a hand like pocket kings or ace-king. This must simply be a check-fold for Yau.

This river peeled the {8-Spades} and Yau looked for a 3rd time. The challenger wager $2,200 for about half of the pot. Yau chose to choose the bluff and moved all-in for $7,200. The challenger called immediately to win the huge pot.

When the challenger bets half pot on the river, his variety must include a couple of nut hands, like sets and 2 sets, and generally strong however non-premium hands like pocket aces, ace-king or king queen. In addition, the challenger’s variety must have a couple of bluffs with hands like queen-jack, queen-nine, ace-jack or ace-four fit.

Should Yau ever check-jam as a bluff? If he has any hands he wishes to check-raise all-in for worth, like sets and straights, then he does require some bluffs. So then the concern ends up being, which cards make the very best and worst bluffing prospects in this area?

In this circumstance, you do not wish to have cards in your hand that block your challenger’s automated folds. A few of these auto-folds consist of ace-queen, ace-jack, queen-nine and jack-nine. So you do not wish to have an ace, queen or jack in your hand when you choose to run the bluff. Given that Yau does certainly have an ace in his hand, this is not the area to bluff.

The {a-Diamonds} in specific would be an awful card for Yau to have since it is a card the challenger would be most likely to bluff with after missing out on the flush.

In Addition, when you run a river bluff you wish to have cards that obstruct the challenger’s automated calls, such as sets and 2 sets. Yau’s {a-Clubs}{9-Clubs} does not achieve this, so he must have handed down this area.

For more on this hand check out my breakdown in the following video:

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Author: Bradley Watson