DoorDash Founder Fires $20k Overbet Bluff with Queen-Top (Research)

For many years, rich other folks have liked to dabble in high-stakes poker video games.

One such billionaire poker fanatic is Stanley Tang, the founding father of the supply app DoorDash, who’s price an estimated $2.2 billion bucks. He lately performed a consultation on Hustler On line casino Reside, the place he tried a daring $20,350 bluff.

It may well be more uncomplicated to bluff a few stacks of excessive society while you’re a billionaire, however used to be it a just right play?

Watch the video beneath to peer the hand. Stay studying for a written recap and my research.


The blinds are $50/$100 with a $100 BB ante.

George opens from UTG+1 to $600 with 5 5♠. Nick Vertucci (co-owner of the Hustler On line casino Reside) calls with A Q♠ from the Hijack and Stanley Tang apartments in the back of him from the Cutoff with Q J. The remainder of the avid gamers fold.

Preflop Research

George’s open-raise is simply too vast with Pocket Fives from his place, a minimum of from a theoretical viewpoint, and his sizing is much off. If there are lots of stable avid gamers on the desk, Pocket Fives will merely now not realize equity smartly sufficient as a result of there are such a lot of avid gamers in the back of that may 3-bet.

That stated, in a stay recreation with splashy players, open-raising 55 from early place may also be nice because of the weaker degree of festival. Alternatively, George’s choice to lift to six large blinds is perplexing. Better preflop sizes will have to be accompanied through tighter levels, so it’s tricky to reconcile elevating from early place with a marginal hand for any such large measurement.

With Ace-Queen offsuit, Nick has a powerful sufficient hand to proceed, even as opposed to the huge increase. The query is that if he will have to name or 3-bet. Each choices are very shut in expected value (EV). Taking into consideration the scale of the open, I’d lean against 3-betting.

Stanley’s name with Q J is sort of surely a shedding play as opposed to this increase measurement. His pot odds are merely now not just right sufficient to name. Moreover, there are numerous reverse implied odds scenarios that he may to find himself in postflop, like if he hits a ruled most sensible pair in opposition to a hand like AQ. 3-betting is a a lot more affordable course with QJs, however folding is at the desk as smartly. My intuition leans against folding on account of the huge measurement, however it’s tricky to mention needless to say what’s proper. 

(What do you suppose is the precise play preflop for Stanley? Let me know within the feedback beneath.)

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The flop comes A♠ T 9. The pot is $2,050.

George tests. Nick makes a decision to fireside a big gamble of $1,100. Stanley calls and George folds.

Flop Research

George makes the proper choice to test together with his underpair. For the reason that all of the participant’s levels are tight on this state of affairs, it’s absolute best for him to test at an excessively excessive frequency — even together with his whole vary — to stay his vary uncapped. Differently, he could be really easy to play in opposition to.

Even supposing Nick has flopped a powerful most sensible pair with Ace-Queen, his wager doesn’t make numerous sense for his range. He will have to take a look at at a excessive frequency to stay his vary uncapped, and AQ will have to normally be in that checking vary. This hand may get lovely dicey for him in a different way (which is what finally ends up going down).

That being stated, Nick’s wager has benefit. He’s going to get to extract price from attracts and weaker Ax — and there are numerous the ones in each George and Stanley’s levels. Making a bet additionally denies fairness from arms like 98s, which is able to virtually surely fold.

Stanley’s name together with his open-ended straight draw is just right. Elevating could also be an choice right here, however the EV is almost definitely very shut both method. One issue that makes calling extra sexy is the truth that he can name a big gamble at the flip as smartly if the bet size isn’t too massive.

Confronted with a big gamble and a choice, George has an ideal simple fold with Pocket Fives.


The flip comes the three, making the board A♠ T 9 3. The pot is now $4,250.

Nick tests. Stanley fires a $4,300 wager and Nick calls.

Flip Research

Nick’s take a look at doesn’t make a lot sense at this level. He’s nonetheless method forward of Stanley’s vary for the reason that the threeflip will have to by no means assist both participant. Checking this is sub-optimal as it provides Stanley the way to understand his fairness totally free with arms equivalent to KQ, KJ, QJ, and 87s. In fact, in principle, Stanley would steadiness his vary through now and again making a bet and now and again checking again the ones arms.

That being stated, one may make the argument that checking in Nick’s sneakers is awesome if he thinks that his opponent will over-bluff and/or value-bet too thinly with arms equivalent to A4s, A6s, and so forth. However later within the hand, Nick verbally signifies that he didn’t be expecting Stanley would over-bluff, which without delay conflicts with the motion Nick selected at the flip.

(This isn’t to berate Nick by any means. I’m scripting this research and not using a time constraint or financial force, while he used to be in the midst of the motion in a live-streamed recreation with a time financial institution and large quantities of cash at stake.)

Stanley makes the proper play through making a bet together with his combo draw. You will have to principally all the time bluff with those super-strong attracts, and his slight overbet sizing is superb. At this level, his making a bet vary will have to be very polarized for the reason that he has a nut advantage after Nick tests. In particular, his making a bet vary is polarized to both two-pair (or higher) or a bluff, so an overbet is suitable.

Nick’s name could also be proper in principle as he’s blocking some two-pairs and will have to have sufficient fairness in opposition to a balanced vary.


The river comes 6♣, making the board A♠ T 9 3 6♣. The pot is $12,850.

Nick tests. Stanley thinks in brief and places Nick all-in for $20,350. Nick ponders for a very long time and in any case lays it down.

River Research

Nick’s take a look at is just right. The river doesn’t give him any additional benefit for his vary. At this level, he’s both beat through a more potent hand or is thrashing a bluff (in principle). There is not any thin value available with a lead.

Stanley’s all-in wager is precisely the most efficient measurement to make use of on this case. The overbet jam permits Stanley to use most force on Nick’s capped vary whilst concurrently giving himself an opportunity to extract most price together with his stable arms.

So far as hand variety is going, Queen-Jack is the easiest candidate with which to bluff because it’s blockading the most efficient most sensible pairs that Nick may well be calling with, particularly AQ and AJ.

In principle, Nick will have to be now and again calling and now and again folding together with his precise maintaining. In follow, if he thinks that Stanley’s vary for this wager measurement incorporates not up to 38% bluffs*, then he will have to all the time be folding together with his Ace-Queen.

*The formulation for that is: Possibility / (Possibility + Opponent’s wager + Pot measurement)

Ultimate Ideas

No longer a nasty play for an beginner.

Stanley ultimately displays Nick the dangerous information (at his request) and is bewildered to peer that he did get bluffed. Poker is one hell of a trip with thrills and lots of disheartening moments as smartly, and that’s why all of us love this wonderful technique recreation.

What Do You Bring to mind Nick and Stanley’s Play in This Hand?

Let me know within the feedback beneath.

Until’ subsequent time, just right good fortune, grinders!

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Author: Bradley Watson