High Stakes Poker: Doyle Brunson Runs Hot, Tom Dwan Gets Cooled Off

Doyle Brunson could not be stopped on the newest episode of Top Stakes Poker.

The 3rd episode of PokerGO’s newest season of Top Stakes Poker persevered to carry fanatics the nosebleed motion they crave with Doyle Brunson appearing off his talents over a multi-hand heater whilst Tom Dwan struggled to damage out of his multi-episode downswing.

The vast majority of the similar solid that completed the closing episode remained in play the beginning of the following hour. Phil Ivey, Jonathan Gibbs, Brunson, Jean-Robert Bellande, Dwan, and Patrik Antonius all sat of their identical seats. Daniel Negreanu slid to the other facet of the desk with the notable absence of 2021 WSOP Primary Tournament champ Koray Aldemir who racked up and exited in-between displays.

Sizzling Get started For Dwan

After being at the shedding finish of a couple of six-figure flips within the first two episodes, Dwan used to be having a look to construct some momentum to be able to claw again one of the most chips lately sitting in different avid gamers’ stacks. Dwan began off through successful the primary 3 fingers of the evening together with a hand that performed out like a consultation from when Dwan first burst onto the scene.

Brunson installed a elevate to $1,400 from center place with the AdTd and Dwan, within the cutoff, made the decision with the Jc2c. Antonius got here alongside at the button protecting 7d4d and Negreanu known as from the small blind along with his 6s6h. It used to be 4 tactics to the Th4s2s flop and after Negreanu checked, Brunson fired $3,200 with best pair. Backside pair used to be just right sufficient for Dwan to name and each Antonius and Negreanu launched their fingers. The flip used to be 7s and Brunson checked it over to Dwan who took the lead and wager $8,000. Brunson made the decision and the broker put the Jd out at the river, making improvements to Dwan to 2 pair. Brunson checked and Dwan price wager for $16,000. Brunson briefly known as and used to be proven the winner through Dwan who dragged the $60,800 pot.

DNegs Downs Dwan, Once more

Dwan’s resurgence used to be short-lived, on the other hand. At the very subsequent hand, Dwan and Negreanu clashed once more leading to Dwan delivery every other six-figure pot in Child Poker’s instructions.

Dwan open-limped the $400 from early place protecting AcJs, bringing a elevate from Antonius to $2,000 with the Ts8s. Negreanu used to be subsequent to behave and he flatted with KsKh. Bellande attempted to get in at the motion from the large blind through calling along with his Ad5d however Dwan limp-reraised to $14,000. After Antonius let his hand pass, Negreanu sat stoically for a couple of moments earlier than saying a four-bet to $32,000. Dwan shot Negreanu a few fast glances whilst shuffling one of the most $120,000 in chips he nonetheless had in his stack.

Sooner or later, Dwan made the decision and the flop got here JdTc4h giving Dwan best pair and surroundings him up for hassle. Dwan checked to Negreanu who when for a $20,000 wager. The pot used to be $88,000 at this level and Dwan had simply over $100,000 in the back of when he introduced he used to be all-in. Negreanu didn’t take however a 2d earlier than grabbing a stack of yellow $1K chips and shoving them within the center to name. As soon as once more, the pair ran it two times. The primary board used to be finished with the [qh turn and]4c river. The second one board ran out the Qs flip and 7s river and Negreanu, who is understood for having a difficult time on HSP, took down every other monster pot, this time it used to be just right for $272,600.

High Stakes Poker: Doyle Brunson Runs Hot, Tom Dwan Gets Cooled Off

As Dwan reloaded for every other $100,000, Negreanu and Ivey began chatting.

“You having some amusing, you taking part in your self?” Ivey requested Negreanu who couldn’t hang again his glee from successful.

“Didn’t you assert one time I’m the worst winner ever,” Negreanu spoke back.

“Beautiful unhealthy winner, yea,” Ivey joked again.

“I will’t assist however chortle once I win a pot,” Negreanu mentioned, obviously taking part in sitting on a stack of just about $350,000.

Jean-Robert Will get There

The very subsequent hand used to be the one different six-figure pot of the episode and as soon as once more Negreanu used to be concerned. Negreanu installed a elevate to $1,000 with the AdQs because the dialog persevered. After taking a verbal shot at Brunson, calling him “awful winner” and “grumpy, grumpy, grumpy”, Bellande casually three-bet to $4,000 along with his KcQd. Again on Negreanu, he mentioned “I’m operating sizzling” as he splashed his chips in to finish the decision. The AcJh9s flop gave Negreanu best pair, however it used to be Bellande who used to be having a bet. When checked to, JRB fired $4,000 which Negreanu briefly known as. The 4d at the flip modified not anything, and after Negreanu checked once more, Bellande went for a big wager of $14,000 into the $16,800 pot. Once more, Negreanu simply known as. The whole thing modified on the other hand at the Tc river, bringing within the gutshot immediately for Bellande. Bellande overbet, throwing out $60,000. “That card may have stored me some huge cash,” Negreanu mused, audibly breaking down the hand. In any case, Negreanu made the right kind laydown and the $104,800 pot (inflated through JRB’s ultimate uncalled wager) used to be driven to Bellande.

Brunson Can’t Lose

After that closing hand, there have been handiest 11 extra fingers proven within the episode. Doyle Bruson gained six of them and chopped every other one. Even supposing, through the display’s same old, the pots weren’t for main quantities of cash, it used to be a protracted stretch the place Brunson used to be in each and every pot, making the entire proper strikes, and stacking up the chips.

After 5 small wins, Brunson sought after to bump up the motion and so he put at the straddle to $800. He became to Bellande and gave him the outdated “um…Hi??” and Bellande spotted the $800 straddle used to be on and right away made it $1,600 to move pronouncing “Doyle, you don’t have to invite me two times.”

Dwan used to be first to behave and made it $5,000 to move along with his 6s3s, Negreanu joined in calling the $5K with the Qd9d. With $13,200 within the center, Brunson, from the primary straddle, seemed down at 7s7h and made it $30,800 to proceed. Bellande folded, Dwan briefly let his small suited gappers pass, and Negreanu laughed as he surrendered as neatly. A large smile got here throughout Texas Dolly’s face as he uncovered his pocket sevens.

“That’s how you are feeling it,” Antonius mentioned.

“That used to be beautiful candy there, Doyle,” Bellande mentioned. “Nonetheless works at 88.”

Brunson, Bellande, Negreanu, and Dwan all go back for extra Top Stakes Poker motion subsequent Monday evening at 8 p.m. ET, solely on PokerGO.

Author: Bradley Watson