High Stakes Poker Recap: Tom Dwan Moves All-In Early, Negreanu Fires First Big Bluff

Daniel Negreanu returns for his 8th season of Top Stakes Poker.

The wait is formally over for all-new episodes of Top Stakes Poker as the hole hour of Season 9 premiered on PokerGO on Monday night time.

It introduced just about the whole thing that enthusiasts love concerning the display – the most important stars, the best stakes, or even $50,000 bricks of money proper there at the desk. Then again, the primary episode, whilst entertaining, used to be extra of a reintroduction as to what HSP might be. The forged, a high-powered lineup that featured Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Doyle Brunson, Patrik Antonius, 2021 WSOP Major Tournament Champion Koray Aldemir, James Bord, Kim Hultman, and Daniel Negreanu spent many of the episode feeling out the desk out versus lights it up.

There have been some clashes, a few wholesome pots, and a large bluff through Negreanu however for probably the most section, commentators Gabe Kaplan and A.J. Benza gave the impression to be ready in anticipation for one thing jaw-dropping to happen. However whilst they have been, some lovely amusing palms have been performed.

Dwan Will get It In Early

The most important pot of the night time happened at the display’s 3rd hand. After Brunson opened the pot to $1,200 along with his AhTd, Bord flatted maintaining the QsQh. Dwan, at the button, picked up AsKc and bumped it as much as $5,500. It folded again to Brunson who let his hand move and Bord temporarily installed a corpulent four-bet to $25,000. Dwan, with $93K in the back of, took a while however in the end moved all in. Bord temporarily known as and the duo have been flipping for a pot of $192,600. They agreed to run it two times and Bord’s queens held via each runouts. The primary 8h3s2c9dQd, Bord spiked a suite at the river. At the subsequent board, he flopped a complete area on a QcTcTh flop, which stood up in the course of the flip and river, making Bord one the night time’s greatest winners.

High Stakes Poker Recap: Tom Dwan Moves All-In Early, Negreanu Fires First Big Bluff

Negreanu Makes Strikes On The River

Negreanu, who had gained a small pot previous within the night time, performed a large hand towards Kim Hultman – a Swedish YouTube streamer whose “Let’sGiveItASpin” channel makes a speciality of on line casino video games. Negreanu opened to $1,600 in early place with the 6d4d and Hultman flatted at the button along with his QcJs. Brunson finished within the large blind maintaining the 9h8s and the 3 took a flop of Ts9s6s. After Brunson checked his center pair, Negreanu, with backside pair, made a raffle of $1,500. Hultman, open-ended with the jack-high flush draw flatted as did Brunson. The flip used to be the As, bringing in Hultman’s flush. Brunson checked once more and Negreanu didn’t decelerate, firing $5,500 into the pot. Hultman once more known as however Brunson launched his hand. The river used to be the “inconsequential” 6h, giving Negreanu journeys however Child Poker’s hand used to be nonetheless 2nd perfect.

Kaplan then stated “When world-class avid gamers odor weak point, they act on it.” and that’s precisely what Negreanu did, overbetting the $21,900 pot with a raffle of $36,000. Hultman, with $72,000 in the back of, smiled however used to be viably uncomfortable. Ultimately, the Swede let it move and Negreanu dragged the pot, his 2nd of the night time.

Tough River For The Champ

The very subsequent hand noticed Antonius combat towards Aldemir, who used to be making his HSP debut after his WSOP Major Tournament victory. Aldemir opened to $1,000 maintaining the AdJc. Antonius, who were probably the most competitive participant all the way through the primary episode, installed a three-bet to $4,000 along with his KcQc. Negreanu let move of pocket fives, sending the motion again to Aldemir, who made the decision. The flop got here JsTh2s, giving Aldemir best pair and Antonius a instantly draw to head along with his two overs. Aldemir checked it over and Antonius slid out $6,000, which Aldemir known as. The flip used to be the 9d, giving Antonius the nuts. Aldemir checked it all over again and this time, Antonius checked it again. The river Ah used to be a little bit of a crisis for the Major Tournament champ, and after he checked it over to Antonius, Aldemir used to be confronted with a $30,000 overbet. However having rivered two pair, Aldemir couldn’t escape and made a fast name sending the $80,800 pot over to Antonius.

High Stakes Poker Recap: Tom Dwan Moves All-In Early, Negreanu Fires First Big Bluff

Ivey Will get Concerned

A stoic Ivey spent the easier a part of the episode folding marginal palms and staying out of the motion. Because the episode used to be winding down Ivey in spite of everything discovered his spot. He open-raised to $1,200 with the 2s2d best to be three-bet through Hultman who made it $5,500 to head along with his KdTh. Ivey shot Hultman a look and tossed out a choice. The flop got here Ks7h6h and Ivey checked it over to Hultman, who opted to test again his best pair. The flip, on the other hand, used to be the 2c, bettering Ivey to a suite and he didn’t waste any time seeking to construct a pot, having a bet $8,000. Hultman made the decision and the pair watched because the 9s finished the board. As noticed repeatedly on this episode, a river overbet got here as Ivey guess $30,000 into the $28,000 pot. As soon as once more, Hultman used to be within the blender, however not like his hand towards Negreanu, Hultman made the decision and used to be proven the set. A pained glance stretched throughout Hultman’s face ahead of he stated “Great hand, Phil” and watched Ivey drag the $88,000 pot.

High Stakes Poker Recap: Tom Dwan Moves All-In Early, Negreanu Fires First Big Bluff

Of the 13 palms proven at the episode, Brunson led the pack, dragging 4 pots. Bord scored the most important single-hand win in his $192,600 turn towards Dwan and Aldemir used to be the one participant to not win a hand.

The Top Stakes Poker motion continues each Monday for the following 13 weeks, solely on PokerGO.

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Author: Bradley Watson