High Stakes Poker: Tom Dwan Takes A Beating, Jean-Robert Bellande Takes A Seat

It didn’t take lengthy for the brand new season of Top Stakes Poker on PokerGO to search out its footing because the celebrity lineup that incorporates Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Patrick Antonius, and Tom Dwan took turns getting fascinated with huge pots early and frequently.

It was once a difficult evening to be a Dwan fan because the HSP legend discovered himself with the second-best hand time and time once more right through Episode 2 of Season 9. At the turn facet, the ones on the lookout for a glimpse of Ivey, who infrequently made a legitimate within the first episode, loved him making his presence felt via getting extra concerned within the display.

Talking of having concerned, this week featured the coming of Jean-Robert Bellande, because the HSP favourite made his method onto the set and temporarily broke the silence together with his patented desk communicate.

Ivey Selections Off Dwan

After an early place elevate to $1,200 from Dwan conserving QsTs, Ivey referred to as from the button together with his Ah9h. Skilled on-line slots participant from Sweden, Kim Hultman got here alongside from the small blind with the JhTd, however Koray Aldemir let pass of his giant blind. The Ks9s4c flop presented Dwan a directly flush draw, Hultman a gutshot directly draw as neatly, and Ivey center pair. Hultman checked to Dwan who wager $2,000, and each Ivey and Hultman made the decision. The flip was once the Ad, giving two pair, however it was once Dwan who stored making a bet. Dwan fired some other $8,000 and this time, simply Ivey referred to as. The Ac river gave Ivey a complete space and Dwan, left with a busted flush draw checked it over to Ivey who put out of venture of $25,000. Dwan shot a glance skyward and folded sending the pot of greater than $51,000 over to Ivey.

Bellande Makes It Glance Simple

Only a few extra palms into the episode, James Bord, who doubled up via Tom Dwan at the premiere, accrued his chips and made method for Jean-Robert Bellande. Bellande, a typical within the Las Vegas high-stakes house video games, gave Brunson a fist bump, took a seat, and located himself instantly in motion. Dwan opened to $1,200 from underneath the gun together with his AsQc and it folded the entire as far back as Bellande within the giant blind with the Jh8s and the newcomer made the decision. The flop got here QhTs3h hanging Dwan within the lead with best pair, however Bellande had a gutshot directly draw and a backdoor flush draw. Bellande checked it over to Dwan who wager $2,000, which Bellande referred to as. The flip got here the 9c, turning the tables and giving Bellande the directly. He checked it over to Dwan, who was once drawing lifeless, who made it $5,000 to move. Bellande didn’t take lengthy earlier than making it $16,000. Dwan made the decision and the river got here the Qs, giving Dwan journeys. Bellande focused precisely that, overbetting the pot for $51,000. Dwan apparently sussed it out, and laid it down giving Bellande an early spice up to his stack with the pot of $90,000.

High Stakes Poker: Tom Dwan Takes a Beating, Jean-Robert Bellande Takes a Seat

Gibbs Will get There

Proper after that hand, Hultman introduced he was once carried out for the day and racked as much as make room for Jonathan Gibbs. Like Bellande earlier than him, Gibbs were given concerned immediately, enjoying a large hand towards Dwan. The straddle to $800 was once on, and Dwan raised to $2,500 with the 8d6d. Gibbs three-bet to $4,300 with the AdKs and when the motion were given again to Dwan he was once the one one to make the decision. The flop got here Td5c3d, lacking each avid gamers however providing Dwan a flush draw. Dwan checked it over to Gibbs who slid out a continuation wager of $9,000. Dwan made the decision and the broker put out the 7s at the flip, giving Dwan much more outs. Dwan checked it once more, this time Gibbs checked again. The river was once the Kh, giving Gibbs best pair, however it was once Dwan who was once having a look to wager. Dwan fired $16,000 and was once snapped off via Gibbs and his ace-king. As soon as once more, Dwan was once delivery chips as Gibbs accrued simply over $60,000.

High Stakes Poker: Tom Dwan Takes a Beating, Jean-Robert Bellande Takes a Seat

Extra Rungood For JRB

The primary of 3 six-figure pots happened when Patrick Antonius put the straddle directly to $800 and Ivey opened to $2,500 in early place with the 7d5d. It folded to Bellande conserving ThTd and he simply referred to as. Antonius awoke with the AsKs within the straddle and three-bet to $10,800. Ivey took a second however in the long run let his small suited one-gapper pass. Bellande, with over $200,000 in his stack, four-bet to $81,500 which was once greater than Antonius had in the back of. Antonius unceremoniously made the decision and the pair determined to run it two times for the $166,300 pot. They watched because the broker put out the Kc9h8h because the flop for the primary board, hanging Antonius method forward for a minimum of part the pot. The 3s hit the flip however the river got here the Ts bettering Bellande to a collection and locking up the primary part of the pot for him. The second one board of 7c6h4h8dQc was once simply as just right for Bellande who scooped all of the pot leaving a annoyed Antonius on the lookout for a rebuy.

Daniel Downs Durr

The Top Stakes Poker troubles endured for Dwan when he and Negreanu were given concerned within the largest pot of the episode. The straddle to $800 was once on. From early place, Aldemir made it $2,100 to move together with his 7s7d. When the motion reached Dwan, he flatted together with his AsKh. Antonius folded and Negreanu regarded down on the 8s8d and installed a corpulent three-bet to $12,700. Aldemir temporarily counted his personal stack and gave the impression of he was once fascinated by calling, however in the long run he laid his pocket sevens down. When the motion returned to Dwan, he took a couple of moments earlier than grabbing the $50K stack of money and saying that he was once all-in for kind of $168K. Negreanu shrugged, took only a moment, and slapped a stack of yellow $1K chips within the center to signify a choice. Just like the hand earlier than, the avid gamers agreed to run it two times.

The Ks9c3c flop gave Dwan best pair and, like Antonius at the closing hand, put him in forged place to take down no less than part the pot. Negreanu started to transport all his cash within the center when the broker put out the 8h at the flip, giving Child Poker a collection. Negreanu pulled his money again because the Kc finished the board. With two of Dwan’s six outs burnt at the closing board, there was once little drama when the second one board got here 7c5d5h5c6h. Dwan took some other huge hit, doubling up Daniel who dragged the $228,100 pot.

Ivey Closes The Display

The overall hand of the consultation was once some other six-figure conflict. This time it was once between Ivey and Negreanu. Ivey opened to $1,200 together with his QdTd and Brunson made the decision in center place with the Ad7d. Negreanu made the decision within the giant blind with the 6s6c and it was once 3 ways to a flop of Kd5d5h. Negreanu checked and Ivey endured for $2,500 which Brunson referred to as. Negreanu then check-raised to $7,500. Ivey didn’t take lengthy earlier than sliding out a $5K name, however Brunson, with the awesome flush draw, made the laydown. The flip was once the Js, maintaining Negreanu’s pocket sixes rather forward and giving Ivey an open-ended directly draw to move together with his flush draw. Negreanu fired $12,500 and Ivey, going nowhere, put within the name. The river was once the 8d giving Ivey the flush however Negreanu, first to behave, fanned out of venture of $36,000. Ivey double-checked his playing cards and counted out a choice and glued it within the center, just right for a $118.700 pickup to finish the episode.

High Stakes Poker: Tom Dwan Takes a Beating, Jean-Robert Bellande Takes a Seat

Top Stakes Poker continues each Monday Night time for the following 12 weeks, solely on PokerGO.

Author: Bradley Watson