Norbert Szecsi Records The 3rd Bracelet Of His Profession At The 2022 WSOP

Norbert Szesci

Norbert Szecsi took house the title and the hardware at the2022 WSOP [Online] $5,300 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller Freezeout The field began with 218 entrants prior to being trimmed to simply Szecsi.

This is Szecsi’s 3rd WSOP bracelet. He had actually formerly won the 2018 WSOP Europe Occasion # 6: EUR1,650 Mixed Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold ’em for a money of EUR86,956 ($ 109,128.48) and the 2013 WSOP Occasion # 42: $1,000 No-Limit Hold ’em for a money of $345,037.

His win today made him $288,850.

2022 WSOP [Online] $5,300 High-stakes Gambler No-Limit Hold ’em High-stakes gambler Freezeout Final Table Outcomes

(* )8th

Last Table Action

Location Gamer Nation Reward
first Norbert” Balkan500 “Szecsi Hungary $ 288,850
second Tony” Scenic” Dunst United States $ 168,950
3rd Greg” DustedYou” Merson United States $ 96,465
fourth ” qpoker205 ” United States $ 74,120
5th Taylor” galactar” Paur United States $ 63,220
sixth Phil” HeyGuys” Galfond United States $ 52,320
7th Michael “mikejozoff” Jozoff United States $ 39,240
Adam” PHsGoldShoes” Hendrix United States $ 26,160

The very first half of the last table was gotten rid of early into procedures. First to fall was

Adam” PHsGoldShoes” Hendrix Hendrix pushed with ace-jack fit versus” qpoker205″‘s pocket queens. After the board bricked, Hendrix was sent out house in 8th location for a money of$ 26,160.(* )Michael” mikejozoff” Jozoff followed rapidly behind in seventh, busting prior to action had actually been chosen back up following Hendrix’s removal. Jozoff took a money of $39,240. Phil Galfond Three-time WSOP bracelet winner

Phil Galfond
Phil “HeyGuys” Galfond

was beside the rail, in 6th location. Galfond relocated with ace-king offsuit versus Greg “DustedYou” Merson‘s pocket queens. Neither over card hit, send out Galfond to the rail for a money of $52,320. Taylor “galactar” Paur, owner of 2 WSOP bracelets, completed in 5th location. He relocated with ace-jack offsuit versus “qpoker205” with ace-queen offsuit. The board supplied no aid, as Paur took house the 5th location reward of $63,220.

The last 4 at the table each spent time for a bit, prior to “qpoker205” was gotten rid of in 4th. With pocket jacks, they relocated versus Merson who had pocket kings. The board stopped working to supply the aid they required, as they took house the 4th location reward of $74,120. The last to fall prior to heads-up action was 2012 WSOP Centerpiece winner Merson. Merson moved all in with king-seven offsuit as the little stack. Both Szecsi and

Tony “Scenic” Dunst

both called. After Szecsi wager the flop, Dunst got out of the method. Merson remained in rough shape as Szecsi turned over king-ten offsuit without any aid having actually begun the flop. Neither the turn nor river would assist him either, as Merson was knocked out in 3rd, taking house $96,465. Tony Dunst The last gamer to fall was Dunst. Norbert Szecsi had actually been gradually increasing his chip lead for a long time. After doubling up through and surpassing “qpoker205” for the chip lead, Szecsi had actually seen his stack grow from simply north of 2,000,000 to over 4,300,000 going into the last hand of play.

Tony Dunst
Dunst moved all in with king-four offsuit. Szesci made the call with ace-two offsuit. Dunst might have had wish for a short lived minute, as he combined his 4 on the flop, however any hope rapidly faded when Szecsi paired his ace on the turn. After the brick on the river, Dunst had actually been gotten rid of in 2nd location, great for a money of $169,950.

Congratulations to Norbert Szecsi on winning his 3rd profession WSOP bracelet!

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Author: Bradley Watson