Play Journeys Flops Like a Poker Boss

Journeys flops are the rarest more or less flops in poker.

Out of a complete of twenty-two,100 distinct flops, best 52 of them are journeys flops. This implies that you’re going to come upon this type of flop as soon as each and every 400 flops or so.

Nevertheless, journeys flops are nonetheless a part of the sport, so it’s nonetheless value your time to be told about them.

This newsletter covers taking part in because the preflop aggressor (in place) in addition to the preflop caller (out of place). The point of interest can be on unmarried raised pots involving the Button in opposition to the Giant Blind as a result of this match-up is the most typical and it’s reasonably simple to extrapolate to different positional match-ups.

Let’s start!

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Let’s get started by means of dividing all journeys flops into two classes:

  • Prime journeys: AAA-888
  • Low journeys: 777-222

There’s one key strategic distinction between those two varieties of forums because it pertains to taking part in in place because the preflop aggressor:

  • When the journeys is excessive, you should utilize a smaller c-bet size (33% of the pot)
  • When the journeys is low, you should utilize a medium-sized c-bet (50% of the pot)

Let’s check out two PioSolver simulations, which can let you visualize the method.

First up, right here’s how the solver performs because the preflop aggressor on 777:


The solver bets (successfully) 100% of the time on 777, most commonly choosing a medium dimension of fifty% pot, regardless that there are some 33% pot and 66% pot-sized bets jumbled together as neatly.

Now, examine that with how the solver performs 888:


On 888, the solver nonetheless bets (successfully) 100% of the time, nevertheless it most commonly is going for the smallest guess sizing possibility (33% of the pot).

Now, let’s solution some questions you may have.

Why does the Button c-bet 100% of her vary on each flops?

To position it merely, the Button has a large range advantage. That is because of the truth that the Giant Blind has a miles greater quantity of trash hands (like 64s) with which he defended preflop.

Moreover, the Button has a nut advantage as a result of she’s going to at all times have overpairs like AA–TT, in addition to the most powerful no-pair arms like AK and AQ. The Giant Blind must by no means have those sturdy arms as a result of he didn’t 3-bet earlier than the flop.

The Button can leverage those benefits by means of betting 100% of the time, which forces the Giant Ignorant of fold a large number of his vary.

Why is the optimum guess dimension greater at the low forums in comparison to the excessive forums?

There are far more arms with two overcards at the low journeys flops. The Giant Blind can simply name of venture with those arms and realize equity with them. Because of this, the Button can build up her bet size somewhat bit to provide the Giant Blind a worse value to name.

How does this technique trade in case you’re in any other place in opposition to the Giant Blind?

Because the aggressor, you’ll at all times have a large vary merit on journeys flops. So, the method doesn’t in reality trade.


As you simply learn, the Giant Blind preflop caller is at a large equity disadvantage on journeys flops.

As a result of this, you’ll have to fold a big portion of your vary as opposed to a c-bet — a lot tighter than the minimum defense frequency. How a lot tighter depends on two elements:

  1. The dimensions of the c-bet (fold extra as opposed to larger bets)
  2. Which place you’re taking part in in opposition to (fold extra as opposed to previous positions)

Time for a few examples! Once more, the point of interest can be on a Button as opposed to Giant Blind fight through which the previous raised preflop and the latter referred to as.

Instance #1: 777

After checking and going through a 33% pot-sized guess on a 777 flop, this is how the solver responds:


The massive takeaway is that the solver implements an excessively excessive check-raising frequency (21%), and the dimensions of the elevate is at the small aspect. This check-raising vary is merged, containing the next price arms:

The solver additionally check-raises some semi-bluffs, together with:

The ground of the calling vary is someplace across the JT-J9 offsuit area. However those arms are referred to as at an excessively low frequency, and also are incorporated within the elevate vary one of the crucial time. Different marginal calls come with Q5-suited and K5-suited with a backdoor flush draw.

(Notice: Is that this technique what you anticipated? Let me know within the feedback beneath.)

Instance #2: AAA

Now let’s check out an AAA flop, additionally in opposition to a 33% pot c-bet:


In comparison to the 777 flop, the solver does extra check-raising (27%) at the AAA flop. This variation stems from the truth that the Giant Blind has many extra mixtures of quads than earlier than — i.e. you protect preflop with extra Ax arms than 7x arms — thus the semi-bluffing range can increase too.

The elevate dimension nonetheless leans small and the variety stays merged. Here’s a abstract of the price vary:

  • 80% of the quads mixtures are check-raising for price
  • The pocket pairs are check-raising for thin value/coverage as low as 20% of the time and up to 75% of the time (relying on how inclined the pair is).

The semi-bluffing vary is constructed from:

  • Most commonly Ok-high arms
  • Some sturdy Q-high arms

The explanation the solver semi-bluffs those arms is as a result of they have got a reasonably excellent likelihood to support to a powerful hand by means of the river. While you check-raise, get referred to as, and hit a King or a Queen at the flip, you have an especially sturdy hand. Possibly now not sturdy sufficient to price guess for a couple of streets, however sturdy sufficient to have an excellent likelihood of profitable the pot at showdown.

Journeys forums are extraordinarily uncommon, however the technique for taking part in on them, particularly because the aggressor, is so easy that it best takes a small quantity of research time to play a perfect technique.

Because the defender, there is a little more paintings to be carried out, however as soon as you know the underlying mechanics, it turns into a lot more uncomplicated. Follow makes very best!

That’s excited by this text! I’m hoping you loved it. As standard, in case you have any questions or comments be at liberty to make use of the remark segment down beneath!

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Until’ subsequent time, excellent good fortune, grinders!

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Author: Bradley Watson