PokerNews Podcast Special Edition: Bryn Kenney Addresses Cheating Allegations

Time Subject 00:24 Welcome to the display 01:11 Disclaimer: Sarah & Bryn have prior friendship 02:20 Bryn Kenney joins the display 03:55 What does it imply to have a strong? 06:15 How did you select other people on your strong? How did you arrange it? 11:20 Courting with Martin Zamani – what went incorrect? 17:00 What ended in falling out with Zamani 19:10 Horses colluding in satellites? 28:18 May just you notice Zamani’s display? 26:43 Why does symbol of your display display Staff Viewer and Nord VPN? 28:58 No time to train; would attach possible scholars with others 29:25 Courting with Sergi Reixach 31:20 Was once Sergi ghosting for Zamani 34:15 Have you ever ever witness Zamani, Reixach or any person the use of RTA? 35:45 What was once your response to Reixach being banned from GGPoker? 37:02 Entering the Lauren Roberts stuff 42:44 What took place with Lauren? Why the falling out? 52:00 Horses helped get started satellites however no longer prompt to do the rest nefarious 52:23 Courting with GGPoker 54:20 Have you ever ever ghosted on Lauren Roberts or any person else’s account? 55:26 Why did you allow GGPoker? 56:40 Is it true other people could be dropped down in stakes in the event that they didn’t do what you mentioned? 57:55 What the hell is up with the frog poison state of affairs? 59:20 Was once there a romantic component with Lauren Roberts? 59:53 Why do you may have Staff Viewer to your computer? 1:00:50 Why proceed to spend money on Lauren if she was once a shedding participant? 1:02:08 Why did Lauren finally end up owing you cash as you declare? 1:03:08 Kenney denies ever taking part in on or ghosting Lauren’s account 1:04:30 Let us know about your shaman 1:05:25 Why proceed the friendship with Lauren for goodbye? 1:06:11 Are you able to elaborate to your dating with GGPoker? 1:08:50 Is there dangerous blood between you and Doug Polk? 1:11:20 If you might want to return what, if the rest, would you do another way?

Author: Bradley Watson