The right way to Play Pocket Eights in Money Video games (Preflop & Postflop)

Let’s communicate concerning the snowmen!

Taking part in pocket eights will also be tough. The middling pair is a sturdy hand that’s very regularly value taking part in preflop, however as a rule the flop may have no less than one overcard.

This makes them tough to play, so I wrote this text to make it slightly more uncomplicated for you. Here’s what it covers:

  • The right way to Play Pocket Eights Preflop
  • 3 Guidelines for Taking part in Eights in Unmarried Raised Pots because the Preflop Raiser
  • 3 Guidelines for Taking part in Eights in Unmarried Raised Pots because the Preflop Caller


The right way to Play Pocket Eights in Commonplace Preflop Scenarios

Unopened Pots

Pocket eights are an overly sturdy beginning hand, falling throughout the best 6% of all beginning fingers.

Because of this, you will have to all the time elevate with this hand preflop when the motion folds to you, without reference to your place. Limping will have to be have shyed away from in any respect prices, regardless of how tempting it may well be to “set the entice” or “set mine” with it. Put merely, you’ll win much less cash through the years through limping.

Towards a Elevate

In relation to taking part in towards a elevate, your place is a a very powerful issue.

Let’s take them one at a time. Listed here are the desk positions on your reference:

From the Big Blind: you’ll want to nearly all the time need to simply name. The pot odds you’re given because of your default funding within the pot make it very interesting to name, regardless of having to play out of place with a excessive stack-to-pot ratio.

The one instances you might believe 3-betting is whilst you’re up towards a Button open-raise or a Small Blind open-raise. Towards the ones looser levels, pocket eights can paintings smartly as a 3-bet for worth plus coverage towards overcards.

From the Small Blind: cold-calling from the Small Blind in money video games is normally a shedding play (particularly in a high-rake atmosphere). Because of this, you will have to handiest 3-bet from this place.

However in case you’re up towards an early place elevate, 3-betting with pocket eights is simply too free. So, you will have to handiest 3-bet Pocket Eights from the Small Blind when dealing with an open from the Cutoff or Button. You’ll simply let it pass towards the earliest positions.

From the Button: the Button is a different place since you are assured to be the remaining participant to behave postflop, which will increase your ability to realize equity. With this in thoughts, you’re extremely inspired to have a calling vary towards the opposite positions. 88 is the very best more or less hand to name from the Button as it performs poorly towards 4-bets and is simply too sturdy to fold.

From the Leisure: from the opposite positions, you could have a call to make: fold, name, or 3-bet. If you’re taking part in in extremely raked video games (low stakes), it’s normally highest to head for a 3-bet handiest technique.

(Many avid gamers would argue that you simply will have to handiest 3-bet or fold from those positions. I’ve written a piece of writing referring to this debate, which you’ll take a look at here.)

That being stated, you shouldn’t 3-bet with pocket eights in all scenarios. Specifically, you normally need to be tight and fold towards the early positions (UTG, UTG+1, and UTG+2 in complete ring video games).

Towards a 3-Wager

When confronted with a 3-bet, you will have to all the time name with pocket eights. It’s merely an ideal hand to have since you could have a 12% probability of hitting a collection at the flop, and you’ll have an excellent chance of stacking your opponent if they’ve an overpair or best pair. It’s additionally a excessive sufficient pair that it could oftentimes proceed as opposed to a c-bet with out flopping a collection.

Towards a 4-Wager

When dealing with a 4-bet, you will have to nearly all the time proceed with pocket eights through calling.

That being stated, there are exceptions…

For those who 3-bet as opposed to one of the vital earliest positions (UTG via Hijack) and face a 4-bet, you’ll safely fold. Their levels are so sturdy that even hitting the set 12% of the time at the flop isn’t sufficient.

The one different scenarios wherein you will have to fold is when the 4-bettor is an overly tight participant or when the 4-bet measurement could be very giant. In all different scenarios, you will have to glance to name with eights as opposed to a 4-bet.

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3 Guidelines for Pocket Eights in Unmarried Raised Pots because the Preflop Raiser

I can be speaking about taking part in from the Button towards the Giant Blind in particular since that’s the maximum widespread spot you’ll be in.

Tip #1: If in case you have an underpair to the flop, take a look at again

If the flop brings 3 playing cards above an 8, your hand could be very vulnerable. You’re incessantly drawing nearly useless and now and again your draw to a set completes four cards to a straight, which will give you reverse implied odds. Because of this, it’s highest to stay the pot small and check out to test it down.

Tip #2: If in case you have heart pair, take a look at again now and again

If the flop is one thing like J73, you will have to mix your strategy between having a bet and checking.

The reasoning right here is this hand works nice in each traces and there’s no further incentive to take a undeniable line over the opposite.

Tip #3: For those who flop 3rd pair, it’s highest to test again

There’s a giant distinction between flopping a second pair and a 3rd pair.

With 3rd pair, it’s a lot more difficult to get worth as a result of even 2d pairs beat you. Moreover, pocket eights have an excessive amount of showdown worth to fold out sufficient higher fingers. With those components in thoughts, it’s transparent that it’s highest to test in the back of on flops like J93.

3 Guidelines for Pocket Eights in 3-Wager Pots because the Preflop Raiser

Tip #1: You will have to nearly all the time c-bet when out of place

At the overwhelming majority of forums, you’ll have the variability benefit after 3-betting from the Giant Blind or the Small Blind. When that is the case, you’ll leverage your benefit with a very aggressive c-betting strategy. You’re incessantly incentivized to wager your whole vary for a small size (like 33% of the pot).

There are a couple of forums on which you will need to take into accounts checking, together with low connected boards (akin to 543, 542, 642, 765, and so forth.). On those forums, I strongly advise check-raising for worth and coverage towards two overcard varieties of fingers.

Tip #2: In place, you will have to nearly all the time c-bet

The reasoning is equal to within the earlier instance. The three-bettor has a big range advantage at the overwhelming majority of board textures.

The exception right here may be the similar. The ones low hooked up forums assist the defender as they’ll have a good portion of units that the 3-bettor is not likely to have because of the preflop 3-bet. It’s the similar form of flops: 764, 765, 654, and so forth.

I like to recommend checking with pocket eights on those forums so you’ll notice your fairness free of charge.

Tip #3: Play tight after your c-bet will get referred to as at the flop (until you could have a collection)

You took your shot at the flop and that’s nice. However after your opponent referred to as, his vary is now a lot more potent than yours on maximum turns. It is because you’re seeing that 4th card with your whole vary, whilst he handiest continues with round 70-80% of his vary at the flop.

Given that you are going to no longer support to a greater hand the majority of the time, it’s highest to test, necessarily waving the white flag.

Ultimate Ideas

You will have to now have an attractive transparent image of learn how to play pocket eights in not unusual preflop and postflop situations. If in case you have any questions or comments please let me know within the remark segment down beneath!

In a position to learn to play any other hand? Take a look at How to Play King-Queen Suited in Cash Games (Preflop and Postflop).

Til’ subsequent time, just right success, grinders!

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Author: Bradley Watson