Vlogger Rampage Vs Garrett Adelstein (146K Analysis)

Poker vlogger ‘Rampage’ just lately took a shot in a excessive stakes poker recreation on Hustler On line casino Are living.

Sadly for him, he drew a seat with are living money recreation crusher Garrett Adelstein on his left.

The 2 well known avid gamers clashed in a couple of palms all over the evening, however this text/video makes a speciality of probably the most notable one.

Watch the hand under with research from Upswing Lab trainer Gary “GazzyB123” Blackwood. You’ll additionally learn on for a written recap of the hand with Gary’s research transcribed.


The site: Hustler On line casino

The stakes: $50/$100/$200 with a $500 straddle

Stack sizes:

  • Rampage – $136,000
  • Garrett Adelstein – $282,000


Rampage open-raises from the Button to $1,300 with 5 4. Garrett 3-bets from the Large Blind with T♠ 9♠. Rampage calls.

Preflop Research

Rampage opts for a relatively smaller lift measurement than one must usually use at the Button. Then again, on this case, the straddler used to be an excessively brief stack. This makes a smaller lift measurement extra good as a result of as opposed to a big measurement, the straddler may just 3-bet all-in profitably with a variety of palms.

Garrett’s 3-bet sizing and hand variety glance excellent — that is obviously his highest plan of action in his place with T9s — so let’s head to the flop!

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The flop falls J T 8 with $7,350 within the pot. Garrett assessments and Rampage bets $6,500. Garrett calls.

Flop Research

It is a lovely excellent flop for Garrett’s hand. The query is whether or not he must examine or guess. 

With each flop, it’s necessary to imagine the board texture as a result of that’s the principle issue that affects how continuously one must guess. As an example, on a rainy/attached board like J-T-8, you must be c-bet much less continuously than on a much less attached board like J-T-2. 

Forums with two broadway playing cards are typically excellent for the preflop 3-bettor. Then again, on this case, there’s already a finished immediately risk at the flop. This implies Garrett will wish to be checking much more steadily with the center of his cost vary (overpairs) than he would on a dryer board.

All in all, T♠ 9♠ works nice as a check-call hand, regardless that having a bet small wouldn’t be a foul play.

Over to Rampage…

That is undoubtedly a board on which the vlogger must each bluff and value-bet moderately broadly. For this reason, I typically wish to see a measurement no larger than half-pot as a rule. (Consider, the rule-of-thumb is that as your value-betting vary will get wider, the smaller your guess sizing must be.)

Sizing apart, the main mistake Rampage makes in this flop is his hand variety. His hand has no direct outs to support to a robust hand and is just no longer excellent sufficient to bluff.

When bluffing at the flop, you normally shouldn’t pick out palms that experience just about no fairness to support. Rampage has various higher bluffing applicants — e.g. a ton of robust straight-draws (AK, AQ, KQ, K9, A9) plus a ton of flopped flush-draws.

Understand that simply because he assessments again with a vulnerable hand doesn’t imply he’s giving up at the pot. Mixtures and not using a fairness can nonetheless be bluffed on later streets, taking pictures expected value (EV) that method. 


The flip is the (J T 8) 7 with $24,250 within the pot. Garrett assessments and Rampage bets $16,000. Garrett calls.

Flip Research

Given how the motion has long gone to this point, Garrett’s immediately is lovely neatly disguised. He must be expecting Rampage to proceed to guess a reasonably wide selection of palms, together with a large number of bluffs which are seeking to pressure folds from overpairs and drawing palms.

Now that Rampage has grew to become fairness, proceeding to bluff makes probably the most sense. A 66% pot-sized guess is a smart selection because it lets in him to guess a number of cost palms (two pair and higher) whilst additionally placing a ton of drive on Garrett together with his bluffs.


The river completes the J T 8 7 T♣ board with $56,250 within the heart. Garrett assessments and Rampage bets $45,000.

River Research

Garrett has an obtrusive check-call at the river towards any non-overbet measurement. It’s Rampage who has to make a difficult selection.

All in all, Rampage’s resolution to place in a large guess at the river is excellent for 2 causes:

1. 5-high is on the absolute backside of his vary, which is a key characteristic of a hand that are supposed to bluff at the river.

When establishing a river bluffing vary, it’s highest first of all the very backside of your vary after which incrementally upload in additional bluffs relying in your guess sizing and what number of cost palms we’ve got. 

2. 5 4 is among the highest bluffing combinations in this river as it fully unblocks all the palms Rampage is hoping to fold out. A hand like A Q, against this, is a far worse bluffing hand as it blocks a lot of “almost certainly folding” palms Rampage hopes Garrett has — e.g. overpairs (AA, QQ) and neglected flush attracts (A X, Okay Q, and many others).


Garrett calls the $45,000 guess and drags the $146,250 pot.

Ultimate Ideas

This hand truly illustrates how necessary the ideas of correct hand variety and board protection are in No Prohibit Dangle’em.

Garrett’s good fortune on this hand begins with appropriately 3-betting T♠ 9♠ preflop, which permits him to have nice board protection on flops like J-T-8. 

At the flop, Garrett properly assessments, protective his vary in case his opponent barrels off on turns/rivers that occur to offer him a immediately. This collection of sensible performs is what resulted in this a success lure.

Rampage’s sloppy combo selection at the flop wound up costing him the utmost on this hand, even though he performed the opposite 3 streets completely. As we noticed from this hand, over-bluffing, whilst efficient towards some nitty opponents, will also be disastrous towards a wise and balanced opponent like Garrett.

What Do You Bring to mind Rampage’s Performs in This Hand? What About Garrett’s?

Let me know within the feedback under.

As at all times, if you have an interest in much more in-depth hand research and technique courses that can lend a hand your recreation, take a look at Gary Blackwood’s modules within the Upswing Lab!

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Author: Bradley Watson