Looting Money At Withdrawal

Who have all been victims of getting their money blocked at withdrawal on the poker platform? It was your lucky day, and you won a good amount, so you place a withdrawal request only to find out that your account is permanently blocked and has taken all of the winnings.

We are writing this article in the expectancy that the platform remediates this looting and returns the players their winning. We recently were reported by many players that their money is getting blocked at the withdrawal by, mentioning that the account has been involved in some sort of “unfaithful play/tourney collusion“, so Adda52 will keep the money in its own pocket. The unfaithful play is only considered when you withdraw, and they have no concerns when you deposit the money because, in that case, they get the commission in pockets, and when withdrawing, Adda52 gets nothing. We spoke to a customer care representative who mentioned they don’t do any checking when you deposit but only when you withdraw – which in a logical sense is no Fairplay act by the platform. The reason given was it is too tough to check at the deposit, but at withdrawal, it’s pretty easy. We know the reason because withdrawal takes money out of the platform, and deposit makes them richer hence why not ignore any concerns then?

Where is all the blocked money going? We are sure that must be blocking millions of rupees every day; no one to answer who benefits from that money? Where are the tax reports for those millions confiscated? What authority do they have to keep the winnings of the players? Do they mention the percentage they will keep when they discover “So-called unfair Play” when a player trying to take winnings out? Why do only selective people get blocked, whereas some “Popular” chaps get their money no matter what their gameplay is?

There are other promising platforms reported where the validations happen regularly irrespective of withdrawal or deposit, so if you want to save your winning, it will be better to look out for other more fair platforms where it’s not just the platform that makes money, but the player also gets a fair share of their winnings too.

All those who feel their winnings have been confiscated unfairly by can comment on this post. We will try to raise it to the highest level and appropriate forums to highlight this poor and unfair customer experience.

Author: Bradley Watson