Berri Sweet’s Ambitious Bluff Against LLinusLLove

Two of the most efficient on-line money sport avid gamers of all time — Linus Loeliger (LLinusLLove on Pokerstars) and Berri Candy — were clashing heads within the No-Restrict Dangle’em streets for the previous yr.

They have got performed 1000’s of attention-grabbing heads-up arms in opposition to every different and there are some attention-grabbing dynamics at play. 

On this article, I’m going to wreck down a heads-up hand that they performed throughout one in all their many encounters on the $10,000 buy-in tables ($50/$100 blinds).

With out to any extent further ado, let’s dive in!


Berri Candy opens at the Button to $261 with A♠ T♣. LLinusLLove 3-bets to $1,050 with Ok♠ Q. Berri Candy calls.

Preflop Research

Each avid gamers performed this spot appropriately.

Berri Candy must be opening with (more or less) the highest 80% of arms heads-up. Clearly, A♠ T♣ is easily inside the best 80% of arms. His increase length of round 2.5 large blinds is suitable.

Confronted with the increase, Linus’ 3-bet may be proper each size-wise and hand selection-wise with one of these robust preflop retaining. He’s taking a look to 3-bet with a merged range consisting of about 20% of the most powerful preflop arms. King-Queen offsuit is greater than robust sufficient to take action.

In opposition to a 4x re-raise, Berri Candy must shield with round more or less 45% of the hole vary. Ace-Ten offsuit is will have to name.

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The flop comes Ok♣ 8 3♠ and the pot is $2,100.

Linus c-bets $650 with best pair 2nd kicker. Berri calls.

Flop Research

King-high flops are favorable for the 3-bettor, this means that extremely competitive methods are referred to as for.

In this explicit flop, Linus has a range advantage of over 12%. That is because of a couple of causes:

  • Linus is much more likely to have Pocket Aces and robust Kx arms
  • Linus is much more likely to have QQ-99
  • Berri has numerous arms that overlooked the flop totally (corresponding to QTo or 97s).

Because of those causes, the proper technique for Linus is to c-bet with his entire range for a small length (25%-40% of the pot). This guess will power Berri to fold numerous his vary whilst permitting Linus to over-realize his fairness.

Regardless of having most commonly whiffed the flop, Berri’s name with Ace-Ten offsuit is okay. He’s were given an overcard and Ace-high, which really well could also be excellent at this level. Even so, the decision is principally breaking even.


The flip comes the 4, making the board Ok♣ 8 3♠ 4. The pot is $3,400.

Linus bets $2,378 along with his best pair robust kicker. Berri calls all over again.

(Take note, Berri and Linus have A♠ T♣ and Ok♠ Q, respectively.)

Flip Research

Issues get highly spiced at the flip!

Linus’ double barrel is a quite trivial choice with one of these robust best pair (even though some arguments might be made in opposition to check-raising all-in). His double barreling vary must be polarized, consisting of:

  • Medium and robust best pairs (with K9 being the weakest hand for worth)
  • Flush draws and straight draws (as his major bluffs)
  • A dash of Queen-Jack suited because it has the most efficient blockers to Berri’s most powerful best pairs (KQ and KJ)
  • Ace-Ten offsuit with a middle (additionally a excellent barreling candidate for the reason that it folds out the vast majority of the Ace-Jack and Ace-Queen whilst blockading ace-high flush attracts that can indubitably name)

Berri’s name with Ace-Ten offsuit, on the other hand, is totally off the GTO rails. There are a couple of imaginable explanations for this choice:

  • The most straightforward clarification is that Berri made a mistake, overvaluing the power of his Ace-high hand
  • Berri thinks that Linus is over-bluffing at the flip and giving up at the river sufficient
  • Berri believes that if the river is an Ace, he can profitably shove for worth or use his hand to bluff-catch

I can allow you to, the reader, come to a decision which one is in all probability.

The ground of the calling vary right here must be Ace-Jack and Ace-Queen (each at an overly low frequency) in step with the solver. However nearly all of the pocket pairs are folded aside from for Pocket Tens.

The remainder of the calling vary is made from best pairs, middle pairs, third/4th pairs, and flush attracts. Pocket pairs are weaker than different pairs as a result of they just have 2 outs to give a boost to when they’re at the back of, in comparison to 5 outs for a flopped pair like 98.


The river comes the 5, polishing off the Ok♣ 8 3♠ 4 5board. The pot is $8,160.

Linus bets $2,050 along with his best pair. Berry raises all-in for a complete of $5,920 as a bluff. Linus calls, scooping a $20,000 pot.

River Research

The flush-completing river isn’t excellent for Linus’ one pair arms. However the excellent factor is that, if he holds a flush blocker, those arms are simply robust sufficient to move for a thin value bet with a small length like 25% pot.

Like at the flip, Berri must have additionally folded his hand right here. He has many different higher bluff applicants corresponding to Ace-Queen with a middle or Ace-Jack with a middle. Even a hand corresponding to 87-suited or 86-suited are higher applicants than Ace-Ten and not using a middle, in step with the solver.

After the triple barrel, Linus must occasionally name and occasionally fold along with his hand at equilibrium. This turns into a snap name if Berri has proven that he tends to over bluff in all these traces.

Ultimate Ideas

Heads-up poker is one of these deep sport for the reason that you get to play with such unfastened levels always. Even the most efficient avid gamers occasionally fight to understand the “optimum” play with every hand of their vary.

What Do You Call to mind Berri Candy’s Formidable Bluff?

Let me know within the feedback underneath.

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Until’ subsequent time, excellent good fortune, grinders!

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Author: Bradley Watson