Sung Joo Hyun Scores GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title For $487K

Sung Joo ‘ArtePokerTV’ Hyun received his first GGPoker Tremendous MILLION$ identify for $487,256. (picture: International Poker Excursion)

Korea’s Sung Joo ‘ArtePokerTV’ Hyun earned his first GGPoker Tremendous MILLION$ this week after topping the 241-entry box for a $487,256 payday.

Previous to this week, Hyun, a WSOP on-line bracelet winner, had little or no enjoy on this match. His best different time firing the event he cashed for simply over $22,000. However that didn’t appear to be an issue for Hyun, who began the day within the backside part of the chip counts however fought his means up the leaderboard towards tricky opposition together with Rui Ferreira, Daniel Dvoress, Aleks Ponakovs, and eventual runner-up Dario Sammartino.

It took just about an hour for the eliminations to start as Daniel Dvoress, who began the overall desk 3rd in chips, noticed his stack dwindle and with the blinds at 35,000/70,000 discovered himself at the backside of the chip counts. After Aleka Ponakovs opened from the hijack to 175,000 protecting the KdJh, it folded to Dvoress within the large blind protecting Qc2c and he opted to protect. The flop got here AcKc9h, giving Ponakovs center pair however Dvoress picked up the nut flush draw and backdoor instantly alternatives. Dvoress checked it over to Ponakovs who put out a small wager of 98,000. Dvoress then jammed all-in and Ponakovs made the decision. The flip used to be the Jd and the river got here the 8d and Dvoress used to be out in 9th position for $60,907.

The blinds had been at 40,000/80,000 when ‘joyeux’ open shipped their ultimate six large blinds with the AsJs. It folded round to Rui Ferreira within the large blind with QcQd and the Brazilian professional made the short name. The flop got here KdJd6s giving ‘joyeux’ some further outs via flopping center pair. However the flip got here the Qh, bettering Ferreira to a collection and leaving ‘joyeux’ having a look to drill a gutshot instantly. However the river used to be the Ac, sending ‘joyeux’ out the door in 8th position for $78,986.

Two fingers later, ‘pitrasyan’, who have been clinging to quick stack themselves, put their ultimate 337,000 within the center with the Ah2c. It just about were given thru, but if ‘ProbierEs’ awoke with AcTh within the large blind they made the decision striking ‘pitrasyan’ in peril. The board got here Js9d8c3s8d holding the ace-ten of ‘ProbierEs’ forward all of the time and finishing ‘pitrasyan’s run in 7th position for $102,433, their first-ever money in a Tremendous MILLION$ match.

Six-handed play lasted the simpler a part of 3 ranges and with the blinds at 80,000/160,000. After ‘ProbierES’ used to be eradicated in 6th position via Ferreira for $132,839. Ponakovs, discovered himself with a bit of over 12 large blinds and searching for a place to climb again up the chip counts. When it folded to Korea’s Sung Joo ‘ArtePokerTV’ Hyun within the small blind with AsQs, he raised to 464,000. Ponakovs picked up 4h4d within the large blind and moved all-in for simply over 2 million. Hyun, who had lately doubled thru Ferreira, made the decision striking Ponakovs in peril. It used to be mainly a coin turn till the flop got here Ah5s5d, striking Hyun means forward. The flip used to be the 6s, leaving Ponakovs searching for one of the vital ultimate two fours within the deck. The river used to be the 2c and Ponakovs’ day resulted in 5th position which used to be just right for $172,271.

4-handed play lasted into the 100,000/200,000 stage and because the stacks started to get shallow Russia’s ‘spaise411’ discovered themselves sitting on simply 8 large blinds. From below the gun, ‘spaise411’ moved all-in protecting the QdJc. Subsequent to behave, Hyun flatted the 1.6 million at the button, and each Ferreira and Dario Sammartino let cross of the blinds. The flop got here Ts7h4h, giving Hyun best pair however that didn’t exchange ‘spaise411’s scenario. The 6c flip used to be no lend a hand and when the 8c finished the board, ‘spaise411’ hit the rail in fourth position for $223,408.

With the overall 3, necessarily, even in chips the combat started. They handed the chip lead round however ultimately, Hyun took keep watch over of the event. With the blinds as much as 150,000/300,000, Hyun referred to as within the small blind with Qd8d and Ferreira, within the large blind, checked his possibility protecting the Kc2s. The flop got here 8s4h2h, the motion checked thru to the 8h flip. Hyun then led for almost 900,000 and Ferreira referred to as together with his pair of deuces. The 2d river gave each gamers a complete space and Hyun led as soon as once more, this time for greater than sufficient to position Ferreira all-in. Ferreira went into the tank letting just about a minute of his time financial institution cross via prior to making the decision and seeing Hyun’s larger complete space. Ferreira completed in 3rd position and picked up $289,724 as a comfort.

Hyun began heads-up play with a greater than 3.5-1 chip lead however Sammartino heated up and took over the chip lead. However that lead didn’t final lengthy. Sammartino raised the button to 600,000 with the QsTc and Hyun temporarily three-bet to one.85 million with the KsQc which Sammartino referred to as. The flop got here Th7d7c giving Sammartino best pair. Hyun led for slightly below 1 million. Sammartino raised to two.1 million and with out a time left in his time financial institution, Hyun referred to as. The flip used to be the Js, giving Hyun some further outs. Hyun checked it over to Sammartino who checked it again. The river used to be the 9s bringing within the backdoor instantly for Hyun, who then moved all-in. Sammartino used to be additionally out of additional time and with simply 5 additional seconds to behave, made the decision. Giving Hyun the natural double up and sending him again in keep watch over of the chip lead.

The overall hand happened moments later when Sammartino shipped his ultimate 8 large blinds within the center with the KsQh and Hyun referred to as for all of it with the Ac4h. The board ran out Kd8c6h5sAc, giving Hyun the event when the ace got here at the river. Sammartino settled for 2nd position and a $375,726 payday whilst Hyun amassed $487,256 because the winner.

GGPoker Tremendous MILLION$ Ultimate Desk Effects (2/15)

  1. Sung Joo ‘ArtePokerTV’ Hyun – $487,256
  2. Dario Sammartino – $375,726
  3. Rui Ferreira – $289,724
  4. ‘spaise411’ – $223,408
  5. Aleks Ponakovs – $172,271
  6. ‘ProbierEs’ – $132,839
  7. ‘pitrasyan’ – $102,433
  8. ‘joyeux’ – $78,986
  9. Daniel Dvoress – $60,907

Author: Bradley Watson